Parkview provides independent advisory and wealth management services for families, corporations and philanthropic funds.

Based in Switzerland, we offer clients a global footprint and a deeply experienced team - delivering holistic advice well beyond the scope of traditional wealth management.


Parkview is privately-owned by its senior partners and provides advice to clients that is strictly free from influence by banks, brokers, asset managers and other families and institutions it serves. Our internal governance mandates clear incentives and unbiased recommendations. As such, we do not offer proprietary products and prohibit indirect compensation arrangements.


Parkview is based in Switzerland, with additional locations in the United States and United Kingdom. Select affiliations extend our reach to Latin America and the Middle East, offering a rare combination of multi-jurisdiction expertise and global access to investment opportunities.


The Parkview team is seasoned, passionate and globally minded. All partners have held senior positions in market-leading firms and are fluent and experienced in multiple languages and geographies. Parkview’s partners have worked with some of the wealthiest families in the world, and our guidance has helped families, businesses and institutions to balance complex global priorities.


For both families and institutions, Parkview believes that effective wealth management begins with clearly defined objectives, a suitable investment strategy, tax-efficient structuring and balanced governance and oversight. We help clients develop appropriate controls and provide ongoing due diligence and risk monitoring.