The Parkview Podcast

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Episode 15: Martine d’Anglejan-Chatillon on the Art Market and NFTs

To help us understand the world of fine art curation through a modern lens, our guest this week is Martine d’Anglejan-Chatillon.

We discuss:

- What determines value and price in the traditional art market

- How to construct an art collection or portfolio

- NFTs and the impact that technology is having on the art world

Episode 14: Ralph Chami on Nature's Solution to Climate Change

Ralph Chami is an assistant director and division chief at the IMF, who has been at the fund for more than 22 years. Lately, Ralph has become widely known for his incredibly interesting work on the carbon capture potential of biodiversity. Focusing on Whales, and more recently Elephants, Ralph has proposed an incentive-based plan for economies to harness the value of their natural wealth.

Episode 13: Paola Subacchi on the Future of the Yuan

In this weeks episode of The Parkview Podcast we focus on the future of China's currency. To walk us through this topic, our guest this week is Paola Subacchi, who authored "The People’s Money – detailing how China is building a global currency".

We discuss:

- the Renminbi's role in international finance.

- the PBOC's objectives for launching a central bank digital currency.
- the next steps for the internationalisation of the Yuan.